• Goliath Winches

    Goliath Winches

    The widest range of winches for all applications.
    Made in Europe, Goliath winches have been unanimously recognized for their quality for more than 40 years.

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  • Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

    With 30 years of experience in the wastewater sector, we have designed a lifting system maintenance solution that is simple, competitive and adaptable to all cranes on the market.

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  • Telescopic Lifters

    Telescopic Lifters

    A complete range of telescopic lifting systems with automatic safety, without cables or winches. This product is ideal for lifting loads from 15 to 300 kg up to 6 meters.

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  • OEM Applications

    OEM Applications

    Our industrial flexibility, combined with over 40 years of technical expertise, enables us to offer cost-effective lifting solutions tailored to the needs of integrators.

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Our product range

Our configurator assistant helps you to define the right winch for your application

To assist you in defining the most suitable winch for your application, Goliath-Store provides you with a configurator assistant which, based on a few simple questions, will enable you to define the standard manual winch best suited to your needs.

Since the 1980s, the Talbot Industrie group, under the GOLIATH brand, has gradually become the leading European manufacturer of manual winches. Our products, recognized for their quality, are distributed in all sectors of activity and are integrated into many lifting products in Europe.

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