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Stable and robust thanks to its black anodized aluminum design, the DJ Goliath studio table is the essential support for your mixing consoles. Foldable, it installs and folds very easily. Only two clamping screws are enough to guarantee perfect stability. The articulation hinges are reinforced steel to ensure the longevity of the product despite multiple manipulations.

The DJ Workbench Goliath Studio foldable table is installed in 1 minute. Very stable, resistant and flexible it adapts to all your needs.

The DJ Workbench Goliath Studio table is supplied assembled, with its tilting table with anti-slip coating and its vertical reinforcement tubes.

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Discover the DJ workbench from Goliath Studio


The DJ work bench structure, 100% black anodised aluminium, is very stable and sturdy.

It folds and unfold very easily and requires only 2 tightening tool free screw to guarantee an unparalleled stability.

All corner articulations of the system are designed in heavy duty steel to support numerous handling.

The foldable shelf, built in steel with reinforcements, has an amazing 65 kg load capacity and comes with a dark synthetic fabric cover to absorb vibration, and provide a grip function so that your valuable equipment will not slip away.

The white or black fabric structure covers come in 2 thickness depending on the light effects requested.

It is designed to stay on the structure while being folded to gain set up time.

The heavy duty version although thicker will offer long lasting use.


Your consoles / laptop are protected from any danger. The laptop support saves you a lot of space.


Several lycra are available to make your DJ workbench look fancy, in white, black, opaque or transparent, according to your needs.

Prices are sweet, so you can buy more.


With only 12 kg the goliath studio DJ workbench when folded, can be carried in a protective transport bag.

It takes less than 2 minutes to unfold and turn into a ready to use format.


The shelf size is 1500 X 750 mm

The shelf height is 850 mm

An innovative speaker and lighting stands system

Telescopic aluminium stands, coupled with a light bar can be incorporated to the system.

Each lifter has a 40 kg capacity and can be lifted up to 2,8m operated by one person only.

It can be used as a spare lifting device when assembled on the tripod leg system (ordered separately) offering then a total flexibility in light and sound effects choices during the show.

Our goliath studio 80 kg & 3,8m basic stands are also available as an additional lifting solution.

Technical details
  • Min. height : 5.75ft/1,75m
  • Stand diameter : 3.94ft/1,20m
  • Unit weight : 24.42 Kg
  • Maximum load : 110.3lbs/50kg
Define/ configurate

This user manual has been designed to allow you to use your Goliath Studio Lifter R Series in the best conditions of safety and efficiency.

You can download the manual user below .
Also, you can use your own accessories and structures. For more details, see below.

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