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Rollerlifter "Broadcast"

Ref.: PF80500

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The Rollerlifter is designed for outdoor lighting management. Its very stable construction allows a smooth movement of lightings / Double safety automatic fall protection.

- Rack-and-pinion technology without cable!
- Precise adjustement with direct height reading
- Aluminum construction.
- Low loading height.
- Large stable wheels on all supports.

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Specially designed for outdoor applications, the Rollerlifter is mounted on 3 large wheels to move your speakers and projectors smoothly in any terrain:

  • Loading capacity 150 kg.
  • Loading height at 1,60 m & can be deployed at 3,40 m

    • Simple use and total security

      The Rollerlifter Goliath Studio uses a patented rack-and-pinion transmission to replace traditional cable and pulley systems. The rack and pinion drives system provides a smooth and regular lifting operation of your lights and electronic equipment and reduces (up to 10 times versus cable systems) the movement at the top when fully erected. The pinion drive is coupled to a permanent brake system (patented), and an automatic active security system for the upper modules that secure the load in all circumpstances. There is no need to stop lifting to position safety pins, This is a real improvement in efficiency and security!

      High quality standard

      The construction of the Rollerlifter is particularly well designed. 100% aluminum built, with a soft touch your sophisticated light and sound equipments, thanks to its high mechanical efficiency and tight assembly play. The graduated scale on the 2nd module allows precise reading and adjustment to the nearest centimeter.

      Stability and moving

      The Rollerlifter is equipped with a folding tripod system, which is really stable thanks to its large pneumatic wheels. The feet are easy to unfold with a slide that drives the 3 feet at the same time for an ultra fast setup. A reinforcement bar consolidate the system and slips between the wheels to ensure the safety of your equipment.

      The Rollerlifter is also equipped with a handle that allows you to move it as you like and two other handles on the legs of the feet to facilitate the deployment and storage of the feet.

      Flexible fittings

      The lifter is supplied with an extention module with a 35mm end convenient for most accessoiries or speaker hole. A protective cover can be ordered as an option.

Technical details
  • Min. height : 5.3ft/1,60m
  • Stand diameter : 5.4ft/1,60m
  • Unit weight : 55 Kg
  • Materials : 100% aluminium
  • Stands : 3 aluminum feet, sliding and adjustable by push-button, Wide wheels and stability link, safety locks
  • Number of modules : 3 telescopic modules
  • Bubble level : Yes
  • Removable handle : Yes
  • Adjustment scale : Yes
  • Transport cover : not included
  • Transport wheels : Large pneumatic wheels
  • Output/Adaptor : Female Output 35mm
  • Maximum load : 331lbs/150kg
Define/ configurate

This user manual has been designed to allow you to use your Goliath Studio Lifter R Series in the best conditions of safety and efficiency.

You can download the manual user below .
Also, you can use your own accessories and structures. For more details, see below.


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